The responsibility for governance of the Active Change Foundation is entrusted to the board of trustees headed up by the chair of Active Change Foundation and four trustees. They are appointed for a three-year term and can serve two terms in total. 

The board of trustees are ultimately responsible for the overall governance and delegates certain authority to the senior management team in order to run the charity efficiently.

Sheikh Michael Mumisa MPhil, PhD Candidate – Chair

Sheikh Michael Mumisa is a Cambridge Special Livingstone PhD Scholar at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge.  He was classically trained and earned an ‘Ijaza Alimiyya’ with distinction. He also holds a BA Honours degree (with distinction) and an MPhil research degree. He has taught at the University of Birmingham, University of Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education, Newman University in Birmingham, Markfield Institute in Leicestershire, Centre for the Study of Muslim-Jewish Relation, and has taught and supervised undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. He is author of a number of studies in Islamic Law, Classical Arabic grammar, Hermeneutics, Theology and Philosophy, etc. He is a regular broadcaster and commentator on radio and other media and he provides advice to BBC Drama and other TV programmes.

He has been leading and shaping the debate on the interpretation of Islam or Islamic law in contemporary pluralist societies. He was among the Cambridge scholars who established the first ever academic course on the study of Muslim-Jewish Relations.

Mohammad Arshad

Born in Azad, Kashmir – Pakistan, Mohammad Arshad came to the UK at the age of eleven where he now resides in Ilford.

Mr. Arshad qualified with a Diploma in Auto Engineering and worked as an Automotive Association Patrolman for fourteen years. He then went on to invest in his own automotive business which he currently runs in Essex.

Mr. Arshad is a highly respected member in the community and has always remained focused on helping young people. He is very passionate about supporting groups who are credible and in his own words “real” with regards to tackling the social ills that exist within communities.

Paula Liverpool

Paula grew up in Waltham Forest and since 2007 has run the Parents Against Violence (PAV) association under the umbrella of the Active Change Foundation. As a user of the facilities assisting parents whose young people are involved in or being exploited by gangs she brings both experience of grassroots issues and a sustainable route into families most affected by such issues.

Paula has worked in the NHS for 17 years in Children Services. Her present role is with Looked After Children. She brings to the board safeguarding and auditing skills which allows the charity to better analyse activity data to improve qualitative delivery on outputs and outcomes.

Paula's passion has always been to create desistance from people who are actually involved in the violence that means building bonds with the families in the most respectful manner. As a user group she was glad to become a trustee of a charity that has that genuine approach to resolving such issues.