The responsibility for governance of the Active Change Foundation is entrusted to the board of trustees headed up by the chair of Active Change Foundation and four trustees. They are appointed for a three-year term and can serve two terms in total. 

The board of trustees are ultimately responsible for the overall governance and delegates certain authority to the senior management team in order to run the charity efficiently.

Sheikh Michael Mumisa MPhil, PhD Candidate – Chair

Sheikh Michael Mumisa is a Cambridge Special Livingstone PhD Scholar at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge.  He was classically trained and earned an ‘Ijaza Alimiyya’ with distinction. He also holds a BA Honours degree (with distinction) and an MPhil research degree. He has taught at the University of Birmingham, University of Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education, Newman University in Birmingham, Markfield Institute in Leicestershire, Centre for the Study of Muslim-Jewish Relation, and has taught and supervised undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. He is author of a number of studies in Islamic Law, Classical Arabic grammar, Hermeneutics, Theology and Philosophy, etc. He is a regular broadcaster and commentator on radio and other media and he provides advice to BBC Drama and other TV programmes.

He has been leading and shaping the debate on the interpretation of Islam or Islamic law in contemporary pluralist societies. He was among the Cambridge scholars who established the first ever academic course on the study of Muslim-Jewish Relations.

Christopher Donnelly, CMG, TD, BA

After graduating from the University of Manchester in Russian Studies in 1969, Mr. Donnelly taught at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for three years before helping to establish the Soviet Studies Research Centre. In 1989 he became a Special Adviser to the NATO Secretary General, serving four Secretary Generals in that position. He joined the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom in August 2003, whereby he was responsible for developing the non-technical research process. He also set up the Defence Academy’s Advanced Research and Assessment Group and was the head of that unit up until 2007. He is now The Senior Fellow of the Defence Academy. Since 2006, he has also taken on the position of Co-Director of the newly formed Institute for Statecraft and Governance, based in Oxford.

As a former officer in the Territorial Army, Mr. Donnelly initially specialised in the study of Soviet and Warsaw Pact Defence Systems. After the fall of the Berlin Wall he was closely involved in the reform of the newly emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe. For the last eight years his area of particular interest has been new security threats and the evolution of our national and international institutions to deal with today’s security environment. Mr. Donnelly is the author of three books and has many published articles on Russian and Eastern European defence and security issues.

Mohammed Arshad

Born in Azad, Kashmir – Pakistan, Mohammed Arshad came to the UK at the age of eleven where he now resides in Ilford.

Mr. Arshad qualified with a Diploma in Auto Engineering and worked as an Automotive Association Patrolman for fourteen years. He then went on to invest in his own automotive business which he currently runs in Essex.

Mr. Arshad is a highly respected member in the community and has always remained focused on helping young people. He is very passionate about supporting groups who are credible and in his own words “real” with regards to tackling the social ills that exist within communities.

Daniel Lafayeedney

Dan Lafayeedney is a Senior Member, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, Member of The Law Society of Scotland holds a degree in Scots Law from the University of Aberdeen and a Diploma in International Comparative Law from San Diego University, USA.

The co-founder and Director of The Institute for Statecraft, has wide experience in international affairs, working with both the UK and foreign Governments. As Senior Associate Fellow at the Advanced Research and Assessment Group at the Defence Academy of the UK (2004- 2010) he specialised in the development and implementation of capacity-building projects for high-level governance of the security sector in European and middle-Eastern countries, and in supporting the development of counter-radicalisation programmes for at-risk ethnic communities in the UK. His military service, legal background and career as an entrepreneur have given him an understanding of the importance of the link between business and national security.

David Gilbertson QPM, BSc, MA

David retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2001 where he was a Deputy Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard and one of HM Assistant Inspectors of Constabulary at the Home Office, reviewing the performance of police forces across England and Wales.

He worked a varied career in the UK and abroad, including South Africa and the US.  In the 2001 New Year Honours list he was awarded the Queens Police Medal for ‘Distinguished Service.’ David writes on police-related and public policy subjects and has been published widely, writing for the Guardian and the Mail on Sunday.