Testimonial 1:

One of our community members came in to our drop in centre after an incident had occurred whilst she was driving. Her car was hit by another driver, and she did not understand all the documentation relating to her insurance. Our team helped her understand the documentation and what she could do to get her car up and running, and make a fair claim. This was especially important as she has her children to care for and needs her car for work.

“I’m very happy. I’ve come here for the last 5-6 years with almost any problem and ACF always helps to resolve them. I always come to ACF when I need help with understanding anything and they are always looking out for people like me in the community.” Ms Nur

Testimonial 2:

“ Whenever I come to ACF, the people that assist me are very helpful and friendly. I am hard of hearing so ACF helps me when I need to speak to someone over the phone, as I often can’t understand. I always turn to ACF for help, they’ve helped me book a hospital appointment and had one of their staff come with me to help with my PIP claim appointment. Even if it is something small ACF is alwayst there to help.” Mrs Badat