RISE STRONG is a movement that allows people to join together against any inequalities they feel are vital to change.

RISE STRONG celebrates individuals who will take a stand against injustice.

The RISE STRONG Movement aims to reach, empower and shine a light on those who challenge the shadows of our society.

Be part of the change; RISE STRONG with us

After witnessing the resurgence of our #NotInMyName campaign, it was clear there was a hunger, especially among young people, to challenge the injustices seen in our society; a positive revolution of change. #RISESTRONG was a campaign created to help realise this positive change through celebrating and empowering those who were actively improving their communities. This campaign became a catalyst and motivated more people to stand up and improve their communities.

The #RISESTRONG campaign reached 29,400 people since it was launched on social media, with 35community change campaigns following the #RISESTRONG movement. These 35 campaigns have a total of over 9,000 followers, each one creating even further reach outside of the #RISESTRONG hub.

Extremism, homelessness, drug abuse, Islamophobia, legal highs and racism were some of the injustices that the campaigns sought to challenge. This sort of positive exposure is crucial to turning social media into a positive space to challenge injustice and promote positive change.