Our sporting activities provide an alternative way for young people to learn skills outside of a classroom setting. These activities allow us to channel the energy of young people into positive experiences. The principles and values inherent in sport teaches young people about FairPlay, tolerance, inclusion and respect. It builds their confidence and self-esteem, which are skills they can use in real life. 

Sports which are popular with our members are football, table tennis and cricket. Weekly training sessions are held and our teams are entered into tournaments.

Gym Sessions 

In collaboration with local partners such as Badr Fitness, we are able to provide physically challenging training sessions for our members. We work with a number of people that become frustrated and are unable to deal with today's demanding situations, which often result in aggressive behaviour.

Through our one-to-one training sessions, we are able to channel this aggression and develop a sense of self-discipline within our members. We keep them engaged with the support of our mentors. 

Youth Member 

" Before I started gym sessions with ACF I was getting into a lot of fights at my school and my anger issues were effecting my education as I was put on report a lot. When I first started the gym training sessions with ACF I didn't know if it was for me but after a few weeks I started feeling better in myself and I was able to channel how I felt without getting in to trouble. I now feel like I have more control on how I feel because exercising helps you think better and let go of those built up emotions"