Our Vision

Around the world, the peaceful religion of Islam was being tarnished and manipulated by ISIS/Da’esh amongst other terrorist organisations. ACF wanted to fight back, and show people the true face of Islam. That’s when ACF created and launched the #NotInMyName campaign.

Our Supporters

#NotInMyName is for all Muslims around the world to support, across many mediums of social media. Non-Muslims are also very welcome to help support the campaign and protect the true values of Islam.

Our Motive

Islam teaches peace, respect and love. ISIS/Da’esh is hiding behind a false Islam. ISIS has nothing to do with what we stand for. Tell ISIS that they can’t murder in the name of your faith, in your name. Denounce their violence in your own words, let your voice be heard by rejecting their ideology of hate and show people what true Muslims stand for.

Story of #NotInMyName So Far…

The campaign is a huge success, with over 885,000 views on YouTube, and over 6.6 million tweets using the hashtag. The hashtag has reached over 300 million people around the world, all of them denouncing the violence and corruption of ISIS/Da’esh.