Youth Centre

Ever present at the heart of our organisation, the youth centre is barely recognizable from how it looked in 2003 but it remains a safe place where young people can grow, learn and relax as individuals. With 2626 members, the youth centre remains dynamic and a vibrant hub of activity.

A variety of games are available at the youth centre, such as pool, table tennis and PS4. This enabled members to easily socialise with other young people in their community, breaking down social barriers and stereotypes in the process. Through providing a relaxed and safe environment, members of the centre were able to have open discussions with our trained staff to establish on-going dialogues. This engagement allowed our staff to provide mentoring sessions to identify any issues and provide the necessary support.


we have a range of opportunities for young people. To find out more about programmes and activities and how you can get involved Click here


Workshops provided an essential part of our youth centre engagement by creating a high intensity learning environment, which allowed members and young people to take on information quickly.

Our trained staff delivered 20 workshops over the past year. To maximize the effectiveness of each workshop, the content was tailored specifically to the attendees. Providing tailored sessions allowed young people to actively engage in discussions and be more invested in challenging the issues.

These workshops are centered around three key themes:          

Challenging Radicalisation & Extremism 

The main aim of these workshops was to raise awareness of the dangers on extremism,especially targeting young people. This included the process of radicalisation,extremist ideologies and various recruitment techniques. The skills learned from these workshops are essential for young people to safeguard themselves against the lures of radicalisation. This served as a   safe space, enabling young people to share their frustrations and grievances openly in a controlled environment, without feeling   targeted.

Challenging Gang & Knife Crime

These workshops allowed us to raise an awareness of the devastating effect of gang and knife crime on individuals, their families and the community. By sharing the personal experience of facilitators, these workshops served as a deterrent for young people on the brink of joining gangs.

Personal Development

The main aim of these workshops was to focus on the development of the individual. Focusing on areas such as education, confidence, self-esteem, self-presentation and encouraging critical thinking.

We aim to provide young people with a safe space where they can express themselves and turn their back on extremism as well as gang and street lifestyles.


At the end of each workshop a Q&A session was held which allowed young people to clarify the content covered and make valuable contributions. This also developed a two-way dialogue between the facilitators and young people.

During my time at the Active Change Foundation, I have come from being a member of the youth centre to becoming a volunteer. This is to do with the kind loving approach shown by the youth centre staff. Yasin 17 

For more information on how you can register at our youth centre you can email us on [email protected]