Half-Day Preventing Gang Crime & Gang Involvement Training:

Do you want to learn how to prevent gang and youth violence? Then join our comprehensive and practical training course based on years of grassroots experience.

Learn about gangs, gang legislation, gang culture, how they operate in different communities, girls and gangs, working with families, how to prevent gang recruitment and safeguard vulnerable young people and how to implement gang prevention programs for frontline staff.

About this course:

The training includes a comprehensive range of practical examples, exercises and scenarios to allow participants to learn from real life case studies. It is designed to build knowledge, skills and confidence to safeguard young people and vulnerable adults from gangs.

This course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the gangs in the UK, challenges and strategies that can be implemented to prevent gang violence.

It will be facilitated by Violent Crime Specialist, Mike Jervis who has over 25 years of experience tackling crime within communities around the UK. Mike has experience from a statutory and voluntary perspective and understands the challenges facing families, communities and institutions to effectively preventing gang violence.

This training course aims to help anyone who works with young people or vulnerable adults and enables you to recognise, assess, provide appropriate support and make effective referrals for individuals involved or being drawn into gang or youth violence.


The training is a must for anyone working in education, youth services or community based organisations.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will have an enhanced understanding of:

  • The way gangs are defined and how gang violence is measured
  • Territorial conflicts, county lines and postcode wars
  • The risk factors for gang membership, and the warning signs that a young person is in a gang
  • The role women and girls play in gangs and why they join
  • Sexual exploitation in gangs 
  • Identifying the windows of opportunity for intervention
  • Racial bias regarding gangs and how to challenge thinking about violent youth
  • The importance of inter-agency cooperation and early intervention
  • Methods for schools to handle at-risk and disruptive students
  • The role of police, hospitals, and third sector groups in preventing gang recruitment and violence Course 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand gang narratives
  • Recognise the current threat picture and how it evolves
  • Ability to identify recruitment processes
  • Characterise people’s vulnerabilities to gang activity
  • Build capacity by strengthening community groups
  • Fulfil roles and responsibilities as part of ‘‘Prevent’’
  • Create an intervention plan to reduce serious violence
  • Recognise, assess, provide appropriate support
  • Make effective referrals 
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