As a number of communities feel isolated because they have had a bad experience with some institutions, we provide as much help and advice as we can. Our practitioners work with individuals and families, supporting them on a broad range of poverty related issues, such as employment disputes, domestic violence and educational problems. Most of the assistance is provided to the BAME communities that didn’t receive a satisfactory outcome to their problems. We are committed and dedicated to provide the best service pro bono. We work with the individuals and the families to obtain a practical solution.

Case Study

"A care worker was suspended from work following an allegation made against him. The suspension was over a year. The man was not in a union and could not afford a lawyer before a disciplinary hearing took place. We took on the case, as his advocate, to present to the employers the evidence that they did not follow their policy and procedures, which made a disciplinary hearing impossible. The man was allowed back to work. “I was wrongfully accused by managers and could not fight the informal network. I approached ACF and told them my problem. I also provided all the letters showing the discrimination against me. ACF contacted the employer and placed the issues firmly and fairly on the table. They understood the difficulties that the firm also faced in this problem. I believe they acted more as mediators because they solved all the issues including those with the managers. There is not enough praise for this teamMahmoud C