We work with companies to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial and that deliver real change for young people, their families and communities.

Opportunities to work together include:

Cause related marketing

We can work with you to market new or existing products or services to help boost your sales, profile and customer base, while raising vital funds to support our work!

Charity of the year

You can choose or nominate the Active Change Foundation as your company’s charity of the year. Whether you’re fundraising as a small team or as an entire organisation, why not raise money for our charity at work?

We can also help your company deliver upon its corporate social responsibility and engage your employees in activities that will make a real difference in the lives of our beneficiaries.


We have a number of challenge events throughout the year that employees can sign up to as individuals or as a team.

Financial donations

We welcome corporate donations to continue investing in our services and increasing our reach. We will work with you to maximise the benefits to your company while benefitting our beneficiaries. 

Gifts in kind

Your company can support vulnerable young people and communities by donating products, venues, skills and pro bono support.


Companies are looking to get involved and invest in safer communities. Through supporting the local community, your company will increase its brand awareness and reach. We offer the opportunity to be part of positive change at a grassroots level. Based on the trust and credibility within our charity, individuals feel comfortable approaching us to deal with their issues and grievances, often using us as their first point of call. We believe that partnerships between companies and charities contribute to a safer environment where young people and communities can peacefully co-exist and thrive.


Companies are full of people whose time, expertise and specialist skills can help us change the lives of vulnerable young people and communities.

Please email [email protected], if you are interested in sponsoring or donating to one of our services or projects.