Below are a handful of cases out of many more that we have worked with:

  • In Aug 2006, we were the only organisation to assist the families affected by terrorism in Waltham Forest. We provided support to the families of most of the accused suspects of the airline plot. This was to protect them from becoming victims of hate. In one instance we brought together the multi-agency partnership and police to relocate a family that was directly at risk, and helped them relocate.

  • In 2008, we received referrals from prisons and probation services to reintegrate those convicted of terrorism and terror related offences back into society. This was the first of many successful cases whereby an individual, after spending four years in prison underwent a journey of change through mentoring and skills development to use his experience to tackle extremism and become part of our organisation.

  • In 2010, we successfully reintegrated another individual who had served two years in prison, setting him on a training path that allowed him to find employment and in conjunction with his probation officer helped to arrange his wedding in a manner that did not contravene his license conditions. This individual now runs a small business in London.


  • Between 2008 and 2016, we have dealt with numerous gang issues and murders, attending multi-agency gold meetings when a murder occurred. We dealt with such conflicts to reduce retaliation and work with gang members that may have retaliated. In one case a young man that was stressed by being part of a gang, rang an associate who required our support to return a firearm. We liaised between the 11 police and the gang to retrieve the gun. In the subsequent days we provided support to the individual with the permission of the police without revealing the identity of the individual.

  •  In 2014, a double murder occurred in Waltham Forest and we were the lead organisation conducting mediation between the warring parties resulting in a deescalation of tension and violence.

  •  In 2016, a young man was murdered and we mediated not only with those in the immediate aftermath but with those outside of the borough that had a business interest in the murder due to our credibility and method of engagement


  • In 2012, a family’s house was shot at by gang members. We worked to protect the family and relocate them and settle them at another location. We provided support ranging from accommodation, education and securing income for the family during the transition.

  • In 2013, a young British man was killed in Greece. Since the incident we have supported the family by negotiating with British and Greek authorities, raising funds for the trials including accommodation, flights for the family and witnesses and building the family’s resilience to face life and manage the ongoing trials.

  • In 2015, we supported the family of a terrorist that was killed in Kenya by helping them understand and attempt to make sense of his death including dealing with their grief. The mother and remaining brother now contributes to challenging extremism in schools and communities. Our work with the family was documented, televised and received BAFTA award.