We continue to challenge, educate and raise awareness of the many vulnerabilities, issues and events that can lead to radicalisation and extremism. Young people are the primary recipients of our work, as teaching them to safeguard themselves and their communities, is the key to creating a safer future.

Through our innovative and unique models, we were able to target the mind-set of vulnerable individuals; enabling us to then steer them onto a more positive path, away from extremism. Each model was specifically designed to challenge emerging, current and any relevant grievances that influence a vulnerable individual’s mind-set. By remaining vigilant to these emerging issues and events we were best placed to identify critical factors and create effective interventions.

By facilitating training and experience to statutory sector partners we provided a vital role in tackling extremism and anti-social behaviour. Training delivered in schools, universities and local authorities served to empower young people and workers, provided them with motivation and the knowledge to identify and prevent extremism. Our training used a unique educational package which consisted of a workshop curriculum, modules and work plans created using findings from our own research and experience of countering radicalisation and extremism.

Our workshops and interventions were specifically designed to develop the mind through fostering critical thinking, encouraging hard-talk debates, providing theological guidance and diverting negative energy into a positive force for change.