The Active Change Foundation works at a number of levels to tackle the Gang issue. In our experience local authorities underestimate gang activity in London. 

Sometimes it’s about dealing with gang wars, where we have to understand the conflict and send in the specialist team to address the specific issue. Other times it’s about preventing the escalation of a problem, a young person is stabbed or a group has just randomly run up on someone and taken their drugs. We send our Outreach team to mediate the issues. Then there is the support to the family of the gang member. Here we work to support the frantic parents not knowing how they can stop their child from engaging in crime. Most of our work is about the victim a boy a person has been killed or injured and there is support work to do with the immediate family and the friends that we also consider victims. Equally we work with parents that for a variety of reasons live off of the proceeds of their children’s crimes. We do not prejudge the issue, but work to get them to understand How they can be seen as accomplices. 

We work in a very active environment things occur very fast, a boy has his bike stolen in the morning and we have a stabbing or shooting in the afternoon. That’s ‘the Life’ but sadly for some that life is cut short. 

This year Knife crime and gun crime has reached new heights. There is an increase in the number of sub 15 actors getting involved in serious violence and it has become in our opinion a social disease. 

This week our regular workshops are debating in the youth club how we can stop 13 year old boys that can be recruited to sell drugs in the area. We know that at that age they cannot get a job or apprenticeship, but need money for a variety of reasons. At this age the debate looks at the drugs it sells to their friends and therefore destroys the growth of the community. Their response is that it will get done anyway.

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