This year we have launched a new project called the Active Change Leadership Movement (ACLM). This project is designed to identify a cohort of 10 young people aged 18 to 24 from the UK, Tunisia & Spain.

The overarching aim is to increase the capacity of these young people to act as community influencers and further develop their capacity to support other young people as well as educate them about the values of leadership including the areas of community cohesion, civic responsibilities and other prominent social issues. The programme sets out to create community progression, community resilience & community stabilisation to prevent the spread of extremism, messages of hate, intolerance and to challenge disruption within their respective countries and local communities.

We are working to create partnership networks in different countries with organisations & youth groups that support the positive progression of young people in a rapidly changing world.

The programme consists of workshops, international meetings, events and active online campaigning to raise awareness and challenge messages of hate that lead to extremism and violence.