Launched in 2012, our Young Leaders Programme has rapidly developed, grown and gained the reputation of being a leading youth leadership programme across the UK. This resulted in the Young Leaders Programme being awarded the national Charity Award for Children and Young People in 2016.

What is it?

The Young Leaders Programme is a leadership programme that educates young people about the dangers of extremism and violence in all its forms. The programme aims to develop the leadership and personal skills of young people to enable them to make their voices heard and challenge injustice.

Part of the programme requires young people to explore a cause they feel passionate and to apply the skills gained through workshops, community events and the residential leadership conference.

Its aim is to turn young people into community leaders by teaching leadership skills, crisis management and critical thinking within a problem-solving environment. The programme enables these young people to act as peer mentors and further develop their capacity to train other young people as well as educate them about social issues in the areas of community cohesion, civic responsibilities and extremism.

Who is it for?

The Young Leaders Programme is typically open to applicants from years 11 and 12, regardless of their faith, background or ethnicity, who face real challenges within their community and want to bring about positive change. The programme begins in September and is intended to complement their educational studies. We work in tandem with partners such as the, The Institute for Statecraft, Quest Leadership, Local Authorities and the Metropolitan Police in order to involve experts from a wide variety of fields on this programme.


Those who take part in the Young Leaders Programme are taught skills which help them combat social injustice, street, drug and gang crime, domestic violence and bullying, as well as being given the tools to assist them in preventing radicalisation and extremism in all its forms. By taking part in this programme they will become more rounded individuals, and will be able to implement what they have learnt in their local community, making it a better and safer place for everyone. These new skills are not restricted to providing young leaders with a voice in their community, as they can easily be applied to later life in all aspects, including further education, business, technology and industry.

Residential Leadership Conference

Graduation Ceremony 2016