We are proud to announce that Georgia Stone and Haider Khan from our Young Leaders Programme will be visiting Strasbourg in July. They have been selected to represent the Active Change Foundation at the Council for Europe’s study session aimed at combating populism as a potential threat to democracy through challenging negative narratives surrounding refugees and empowering young refugees to access their rights. 

About the Young Leaders Programme

Georgia and Haider were part of our Young Leaders Programme 17/18 which was a seven-month programme aimed at developing the leadership and personal development skills of young people whilst raising an awareness of the issues of extremism and gang violence in the community.  

The Young Leaders Programme envisions progressive communities of capable, empowered, resilient and caring young people who will partake and actively contribute to the development of their communities to tackle new and emerging challenges, both within education facilities and the urban environment.

The Young Leaders Programme is about providing young people with a platform to make their voices heard on social issues, to develop young community leaders and build community resilience organically.

Impact and Reach

As part of the Young Leaders Programme, each participant had to deliver a personal campaign to other young people in their networks to educate the wider youth population on issues affecting young people and communities. Thus far over 4000 young people have already been reached through these personal campaigns. While there were many deserving young leaders, Georgia and Haider were selected based on the level of engagement with their personal campaigns, quality of their presentations and the number of young people they reached. 


We believe these two young leaders will be excellent ambassadors for the Young Leaders Programme and their communities and will add value to the 4-day study session in Strasbourg. You can find out more about their experiences in Strasbourg by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.