What triggers Anti-Social behaviour and how can we address it?Anti-Social Behaviour in-built or outburst?

At the Active Change Foundation, we feel there are number of driving factors behind Anti-Social Behaviour, our outreach team dedicate their time into finding out what these causes are and what the Active Change Foundation could do to help the issue. We felt that once we work towards finding a solution which will eventually result in having a positive outcome for young vulnerable people and the wider community, we can then move on and share good practices with other voluntary/charity organisations in order achieve greater results on a larger scale.


Push Factors for Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour is unpleasant to witness, it causes distress, disturbs peace and it violates any communities expectations of a peaceful and united atmosphere within the local vicinity.

Some of the push factors of Anti-social Behaviour could be as a result of:

-Poor and abusive relationships


-Involved in crime/gangs

-Mental health/depression

-Economic status

-Alcohol/substance abuse

How can work to eradicate Anti-Social Behaviour?

The Active Change Foundation believe that by engaging with young people earlier on, the odds of preventing it from happening within the local society are greater. The outreach team at the Active Change Foundation achieve this by regularly showing their presence and inviting young people to a more common ground where they feel comfortable and are more likely to adapt good habits and take part of our workshops on personal development. This often has a knock on effect and has proven to be one of our successes. The Active Change Foundation champions the early intervention practices as it identifies the cause and effectively breaks it down in order to move forward and promote and teach a better quality of life. This not only has a very positive impact and gives hope to a young person, but lessens the stress and violation of peace within neighbourhoods.