Professional & Prevent Training

Thanks to our experience and diversity we are able to offer expert training to agencies and businesses that are keen to broaden their understanding of current strategies of preventing extremism. ACF is a field leader in understanding and preventing modern radicalisation techniques, enabling us to deliver outstanding training; whether that’s working within the government’s Prevent strategy or broadening your business’ understanding of extremism as a safeguarding and prevention technique.

Extremism is critical issue that many more businesses should take notice of, especially considering modern forms of radicalisation, where extremism can be a result of accumulation of small grievances. Without an understanding and correct training, these grievances can go unnoticed and provide a significant threat to a business, the public and most importantly, the radicalised individual themselves.

Not only can our training provide awareness of radicalisation, but the techniques will assist you in understanding the relationship between your staff and your organisation’s management and it’s contribution towards a grievance, make your staff more aware of vulnerabilities within themselves and other members of staff and equip your staff with an essential skill set that can be applied to a huge number of environments.