One-Day Prevent Training:

With the changing nature of extremism, recruitment and language it is highly important that everyone with access to communities & young people must fully understand the evolving threat and how it manifests within hearts & minds. The nature of extremism is constantly changing and it is for this reason we believe that training is needed that will allow people to gain better skills and knowledge to address perhaps the biggest challenge of our age.

We have developed an extensive, practical and interactive one-day training that is aimed to provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of extremism & recruitment in all its forms. It will provide you with a range of skills, tools and techniques to enable you to safeguard people vulnerable to being drawn into extremism and terrorism.

The training includes a comprehensive range of practical examples, exercises and scenarios to allow delegates to learn from real life case studies. It is designed to build confidence and facilitate the effective implementation of the government’s Prevent Duty & to safeguard young people.

Unique to this training will be a live Q&A session with an individual that has been affected by violent extremism and whom the Active Change Foundation has been working with.

By the end of the training, delegates will have an enhanced understanding of all the issues and challenges related to radicalisation. Delegates will have a far greater understanding including better skills & confidence in dealing with this huge challenge.

Course Objectives:

1. Provide you with knowledge and a better understanding of radicalisation in all its forms, the recruitment processes and the role you have to play in preventing extremism.
2. Build your confidence to engage in issues related to radicalisation and extremism.
3. Develop your skills to intervene and prevent vulnerable people from being drawn into extremism.

Learning Outcomes:

– Understand extremists’ narratives, ideologies and views
– Recognise the current threat picture and how it evolves
– Identify recruitment processes
– Characterise people’s vulnerabilities to extremism
– Formulate counter-narratives to extremism narratives
– Fullfill your roles and responsibilities as part of the Prevent Duty
– Create an intervention plan to counter radicalisation

Dates & Locations

17th May 2017 – London
19th July 2017 – Birmingham
20th September 2017 – Manchester
22nd November 2017 – Bedfordshire
17th January 2018 – Leeds
22nd February 2018 – Nottinghamshire
29th March 2018 – Brighton & Hove


£ 195 + VAT

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