What is it?

DSC_0013PEARLS (Positively Empowering And Reaching Limitless Strengths), formerly known as WAIT, is a multipronged initiative that aims to engage vulnerable women in the community who are at risk of being groomed by those wanting to peddle their own extremist ideologies, or women affected by extremism. Workshops take place at the weekend. Female identity, low self-esteem, bullying, domestic violence and confidence issues are explored within these sessions.

Who is it for?

PEARLS is available to women of all ages (13+), ethnicity, backgrounds and religions who suffer from low self esteem and have confidence issues and want to feel more empowered at home and in their community. Most of the women who take part are from a Muslim background, given the unique issues that they face.


coffe flyer 31.07.14The ACF is committed to helping women affected by extremism and violent crime, and believes that they can overcome these challenges when they mobilise together in an environment where communication is open and accessible. PEARLS provides a support network for women, both young and old who need somewhere to go, feel detached or even have an issue they feel they cannot discuss with anyone else.


To find out more and to take part in PEARLS email zahra@activechangefoundation.org. The ACF is also on the lookout for volunteers to help run these sessions. PEARLS takes place at the Youth Centre every Saturday 12pm-6pm.


“The ACF on the whole is an amazing centre directed towards helping the youth. The fact that there’s a specific women’s category means that we will be focussing more on helping and directing the women. Furthermore it is a lovely place just to ‘hang out’ and speak to one another regarding problems or issues we may be facing. The staff have really been trying to organise events and various sessions, one of which is self defense, and I believe this is fundamental to the women of our community. The centre is a safe environment full of games and activities for young women to do. In essence our motive to drive the youth away from street crime into a more fun and healthy environment is very much evident by its success.”  Safina