About Us

Active Change Foundation

Fuelled by his alarm at witnessing an increase in violent street crime and the growth of gangs within the Walthamstow area, Hanif Qadir knew he had to act. Not wanting idly to sit by and watch the local community get torn apart by rising tensions he founded the Active Change Foundation, a youth leadership organisation. Hanif’s vision back in 2003 was to create a safe space where young people could come and chat about the issues that were troubling them, and where messages of hatred and violence could be challenged. Over the 13 years of operation ACF has evolved, innovated and grown rapidly – click here to see more about our current trustees.

The vibrant Youth Centre in Walthamstow, east London, is the focal point of ACF. It offers a wide range of activities for 12-24-year-olds from the borough of Waltham Forest and the surrounding area. It gives young people somewhere to go, meet their mates, and keeps them out of trouble.

Another important project is  ACF’s award-winning Young Leaders Programme. It encourages youngsters to explore and develop subjects that they are passionate about. Throughout the duration of the programme they examine issues of identity and leadership. All these attributes will equip them to become inspirational role models within their community. And the more we have of them, the better.

Of course, none of this can happen without financial support.  He is appealing to individuals and organisations to donate cash, because ACF needs this to survive. Over the next 15 years Hanif estimates that ACF needs £10 million to maintain and expand the essential work it undertakes in the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with young people and communities to create opportunities to educate, inform and support.

Our Vision

Our vision is a just and fair society that values young people and communities to enable them to live in a safe and peaceful world.

Our Values

We treat everyone with respect, dignity, honesty and integrity

We are dedicated to improving our communities and our society

We recognise and promote teamwork and collaboration

We are committed to delivering innovative initiatives

We have a passion to help our clients and will meet their specific needs through excellent service

We promote accountability in order to continually improve our performance

Are you in a position to lend your support? Enable this pioneering youth leadership organisation to flourish and grow by calling them or emailing them now to make your donation.