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Young Leaders Programme

What is it? Launched in 2012, the Young Leaders Programme enables young people to spend seven months exploring a cause that they feel passionate about through workshops, community events and a residential course. Its aim is to turn young people into community leaders by teaching leadership skills, crisis management and critical thinking within a problem-solving […]


Welcome to RISE STRONG This is our Positive Revolution. Rise Strong provides a platform for any individual or campaign to display the positive work it has been doing within communities and beyond. We hope to create a new community of positive ideas and innovation, under the umbrella of the Rise Strong movement. Rise Strong appreciates […]


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Youth Centre

Youth Centre

What is it? Based in Walthamstow, E17, in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, the ACF Youth Centre is the epicentre of the organisation’s activities. It provides a safe, nurturing and fun environment where young people from the local community can spend structured and unstructured time interacting with ACF volunteers and young people their own age. […]
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Outreach Programme

Outreach What is it? The ACF Outreach Programme is made up of a diverse group of members from the local community who go out into the local area patrolling the streets, going into schools and colleges to deliver workshops, and make individuals aware of issues that are of concern to parents and teachers such as […]


What is it? PEARLS (Positively Empowering And Reaching Limitless Strengths), formerly known as WAIT, is a multipronged initiative that aims to engage vulnerable women in the community who are at risk of being groomed by those wanting to peddle their own extremist ideologies, or women affected by extremism. Workshops take place at the weekend. Female identity, low […]

See it, report it

What is it? See it report it is a brand new campaign and website launched by several community groups, which aims to eradicate hate speech and extremism from social media platforms. Who’s it for? It’s for everyone who has come across extremist posts on social media. Why? Extremist groups are using social media to spread […]


What is it? UMEED was a community development initiative that began in the city of Mirpur in the Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan in 2012. It supplied resources to a network of partner organisations and NGOs, complementing its own activities, which included a youth centre providing skill-exchange workshops and activities aimed solely at women. There […]

Cumbria project

What is it? Through a range of outdoor courses and activities in Cumbria, this project aims to foster understanding and mutual respect between young people and authority figures such as police officers, government officials and civil servants. Conceived and implemented in 2004, then a year later following the horrific events in London on 7 July, […]